Legal Documents Have Been Posted

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 12.31.32 PMThroughout the past few years of Lorenzo’s entanglement with the judicial system, there have been a variety of legal documents that illustrate this process and his fight for freedom.

We have added some of these documents – his 3rd PCRA Petition in 2013, the following Supplements, the AG’s Response, and Lorenzo’s Reply to the AG – to this website to publicly provide further evidence of Lorenzo’s innocence.

Check them out here.

A Source of Inspiration

In Lorenzo’s latest letter to supporters, he tells a story about an intern for the PA Innocence Project who had worked on his case. Lorenzo recounts this as an “inspirational experience” – he says he was inspired by the intern, who is now seeking a career in public defense to prevent other men and women from being wrongfully convicted.

While Lorenzo sees this intern as an inspiration, Lorenzo is an inspiration to us all.

In the same letter from August 16th, he discusses how he is working to advance himself while serving a sentence that he does not deserve.

“I was able to stay in the Warehouse Material Handling class I was in when I just recently returned back from court. I just received another opportunity to further my education to put to use when I come home. I am now certified in OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and NCCER (National Center for Construction Educational Resources) through their 10 hour safety course. Please know that I am not just sitting here – where I do not belong – collecting dust.”

During his time in prison, Lorenzo has continued to pursue educational and occupational opportunities. He also writes for The Huffington Post and published his latest article, “I Was Wrongfully Convicted and So Are Too Many Others,” on August 25th. Lorenzo remains confident that justice will prevail and that he will soon get to use his certifications while enjoying the freedom he deserves. As he puts it,

“I feel my time is near for me to get totally vindicated.”

Lorenzo’s hope and his relentless fight are a source of inspiration. Let us use this inspiration to feed our desire for justice and take action. Free the Innocent!

To read more of this letter and to read all of Lorenzo’s statements, visit this page.

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The Latest Article from Lorenzo

“When people hear about wrongfully convicted prisoners, they often ask why these individuals end up spending so much time in prison before they are exonerated. For the wrongfully convicted, the judicial system has failed twice – once in winning the wrongful conviction, but also in intentionally delaying exoneration for as long as possible.”

So begins Lorenzo’s latest article for The Huffington Post, “Hurry Up and Wait for Justice: The Struggles of Innocent Prisoners.”

The judicial system has failed him and many others. Lorenzo references the injustice dealt to Jeffrey Deskovic, founder of the Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice and strong supporter of the Campaign to Free Lorenzo Johnson, who was incarcerated for 16 years before a DNA test exonerated him.

In this new article, Lorenzo touches on the stories of others who were wrongfully incarcerated, stating that “[he] could go on for days with examples of how justice is constantly being delayed for innocent prisoners.”

Read these stories and the entire article here, and take a stand to fight for justice!

July 16th Hearing Demonstrates Justice System’s Flaws

Lorenzo Johnson and co-defendant Corey Walker’s families joined them in support as a Dauphin County judge held a hearing on Thursday, July 16 in Harrisburg.

Tyrone, Lorenzo's wife Tazza, supporter La Tasha Williams, and La Tasha's classmate

Lorenzo’s brother Tyrone, Lorenzo’s wife Tazza, supporter La Tasha Williams, and La Tasha’s classmate Stacie Lindsay

The hearing concerned Corey Walker’s attorney, Rachel Wolkenstein. The Office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General (OAG) motioned the court to vacate its previous order which permitted Rachel Wolkenstein, Esq. – an attorney admitted to practice law in the state of New York – to temporarily practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as counsel for Corey Walker. The OAG asserts that Ms. Wolkenstein violated rules of professional conduct by communicating with Lorenzo Johnson, who has been represented by Michael Wiseman, Esq. since 2006. The rules of professional conduct prohibit an attorney from communicating with another attorney’s client, except in certain, extremely limited circumstances. Ms. Wolkenstein argues that she did not violate any ethics rules and that the focus of litigation should be on convening an evidentiary hearing to flush out Lorenzo and Corey’s actual innocence claims.

The hearing was stopped at 3 PM, and a date for its continuance hasn’t been set. Nor, unfortunately, has a date been set for an evidentiary hearing where Lorenzo’s attorneys can present newly uncovered evidence of his innocence.

In an interview after the hearing, Lorenzo Johnson’s wife Tazza told FOX 43 reporters that she is “extremely frustrated. This is absolutely ridiculous. (Lorenzo) has been in prison for almost 20 years for a crime that he did not commit. And, we still cannot get a date for an evidentiary hearing that they agreed to have.”

Lorenzo Johnson deserves and needs a hearing that examines new evidence rather than merely muddles with attorney assignments. When will the justice system deliver justice?

Read the press release from FOX 43 for further coverage of the hearing.

New Huffington Post Article Up Now

Lorenzo has written another insightful and moving article for The Huffington Post entitled “When Prosecutors Deny Justice for the Innocent.” He explains his story and the fate of others who, like him, are innocent yet incarcerated. Most importantly, he asks US to take action against this injustice.

“As innocent prisoners, we are calling on the rest of society to be just as outraged as we are that this type of misconduct is so common in our judicial system.”

Read the entire article by Lorenzo here and take a look at all of the articles he has written for The Huffington Post as well.

Lorenzo ends his article by saying that he will not sit in prison quietly while wrongfully serving a life sentence. We, too, must not sit in silence, but instead must speak out! Please take a moment to sign the Petition to Free Lorenzo Johnson and share his story with your family and friends.


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