Meet the Prosecutor Fighting to Overturn Wrongful Convictions

His name is Kenneth Thompson, and you can read about him in Lorenzo’s latest article for The Huffington Post.

Lorenzo writes: “Like many other innocent prisoners, I’ve dreamed of the day when an open-minded prosecutor would review my innocence claims, without bias or unfairness. Innocent prisoners have all types of innocence claims: new evidence, DNA evidence, witness recantation, prosecutorial misconduct, and ineffective counsel claims. The problem is that most of our prosecutors fight us tooth and nail. Rather than trying to see if our claims have merit, they simply want to maintain our wrongful convictions…

I would like to commend Prosecutor Thompson for his work and his stance to get other prosecutors to do what’s right for innocent prisoners. Innocent prisoners as a whole would like to commend all the prosecutors who seek justice and not wrongful convictions.”

Read the entire article here.

From Lorenzo: 20th Birthday in Prison While Innocent

The latest from Lorenzo…

My nightmare started a month after I turned 22 years old. Never in a million years would I ever thought I would be charged with conspiracy to commit murder, convicted and sentenced to natural life, and spend decades of my life in State Prison for a crime I never committed.

How could an innocent man get charged and convicted for a crime, when he was not in the state when the crime occurred! That was a question I asked myself for years. It all started when I was arrested for an unrelated charge (that was later dismissed) and I refused to lie and assist a corrupt cop in the framing of a random person for murder…

Read the rest of Lorenzo’s newest statement here.


Your Comments

Every day, Team Lorenzo Johnson receives emails and comments from those who sign the petition to free Lorenzo. And every month, we send this information to Lorenzo so he can read the comments and then reply, writing personal letters to each supporter.

Today, we are sharing some of these comments with you:

“Things like this will not end until we the people take the power back, instead of leaving it in the hands of corrupt politicians, lawyers, and law enforcement… I know one man’s signature may not be much, but maybe it’s just enough.”

“Our justice and law enforcement systems need to be overhauled if innocent people can be convicted so easily.”

“I believe this is an injustice that needs to be corrected. Please help restore my faith in the justice system by righting this wrong and set this man free! Right now there is no deterrence for this unjust behavior and it affects countless lives.”

“An innocent man should be exonerated as soon as possible, yet he is back in prison awaiting evidentiary hearings while lawyers violate protocol, and use up precious time. Enough is enough… he must be set free, permanently, this time, and soon.”

These comments and many others illustrate the compassion of Lorenzo’s supporters and the fierce determination to make a difference. Each and every action you take — whether its signing the petition, making a contribution, or sharing Lorenzo’s story on Twitter — gets us closer to our goal of Lorenzo’s freedom and changing the criminal justice system.

Thank you all for sharing your comments with us and with Lorenzo, and if you haven’t yet, take the time to voice your thoughts.

Wrongful Convictions Then and Now

November 5th was Lorenzo’s 20th birthday spent behind bars.

Together, we can work so it was his last.


Lorenzo and his wife Tazza, 11/5/15

Take a minute to learn how you can help and help spread the word about the Campaign to Free Lorenzo Johnson.

Also, take a minute to read Lorenzo’s latest article for The Huffington Post, entitled “Wrongful Convictions Then and Now: The Tragic Case of George Stinney, Jr.”

Lorenzo writes: “For innocent prisoners like myself, our stories about how the system failed us vary. But one thing that never changes in our cases–whether it’s 70 years ago or today–is the repeated pattern of misconduct.”

It’s up to us to end this pattern of misconduct.

Dear Supporters,

As always, I hope that everyone and your families is in a good place mentally & physically. Thanks for your continued solid support, you wouldn’t believe how much it gets me from day to day. There’s a lot that innocent prisoners go through that’s never mentioned. The 24hrs a day everyday pain, I wouldn’t wish this on the people responsible for me being here.

As of this writing, I am now Certified in Warehousing and Material Handling. I’ve started part 2 of the Trade which is learning how to operate different kinds of forklifts. I will continue to further my education to utilize upon my arrival. On November 5th, it will be the 20th birthday that I’ve spent in this cage for a crime I never committed. I thought I escaped this nightmare when I was briefly freed in 2012, but the people responsible was not finished torturing me, knowing I was innocent, while I was free they fought to get my wrongful conviction reinstated by the U.S. Supreme Court, and won.

Read the rest of this letter from Lorenzo on our site here.

Also, as Lorenzo mentions in his letter, his birthday is November 5th.

Send him a birthday card – in a white envelope – to:

Lorenzo Johnson DF1036
SCI Mahanoy
301 Morea Road
Frackville, PA 17932

Wrongful Convictions by the Numbers

125 – how many people were exonerated in 2014; a record high number

80 million – how much money spent on wrongful conviction settlements in the past year alone

52% – how many of New York’s DNA exonerations involved eyewitness misidentification

48% – how many of New York’s DNA exonerations involved a false confession

150 – how many actual perpetrators were caught after 330 DNA exonerations in NY state

almost 20 – the amount of years Lorenzo has spent in and out of prison

16 – the amount of years Jeffrey Deskovic spent in prison

For more statistics and an in-depth look at wrongful convictions, read Lorenzo’s latest article in The Huffington Post “Ending Wrongful Convictions: No Room for Error” here on our site.

Letter from Lorenzo

Dear supporters and future supporters,

I hope and pray all is well with everyone and your families. Your continued support of my cause and innocence is highly appreciated. My journey has been long and have taken a serious toll on my family, friends and myself. I’ve watched from afar as my kids turned into adults. I still recall my oldest daughter sending me pictures she had drawn in elementary school of stick figures and the words: I miss and love you.” Fast forward 2 decades later — she has gone to college, lives in her own house and now is a mother…

The wall that injustice has placed between family, friends and supporters of the innocent is literally indescribable. Our constant nightmare is relived every time we open our eyes still in prison. Wrongful convictions do not only affect innocent prisoners, it tears family structures apart. One thing we can NEVER get back is the lost time. I have a brother and 2 (two) sisters that have never came to see me during these 20 years. I’ve had no contact with my biological father in over 20 years. No choice of my own. Before my wrongful conviction was reinstated, I forgave them and let them know how much I needed them. I’m known to smile a lot and even through these tough times, my smile remains. Am I angry, bitter, frustrated and disappointed due to my situation? Without a doubt. I take this constant pain and anguish and direct it towards my fight to prove my innocence, at the same time educate society first hand on the struggle of innocent prisoners. There is no idea in regards of what it’s like to walk in the shoes of us innocent prisoners — there’s no ifs or buts about that.

I now have a new judge and I’m awaiting court dates, which should be very soon. In a lot of situations, the truth can help, hurt or change someone. For Lorenzo Johnson, the truth will eventually set me free. The sad thing is, the people society rely on to make sure justice is served are personally responsible for false arrest and conviction. They knew I was innocent from day one. Meanwhile, for 20 years an innocent man is in prison while a murderer walks the streets… A lot of times innocent prisoners get a backlash from speaking out in concerns with their wrongful convictions. I totally disagree with the notion that, you don’t want to make noise about our innocence and Etc. As if innocent prisoners and our families are supposed to be silent while we are steadily being tortured for being innocent. If our rolls were reversed, they also would want everyone to scream at the top of their lungs to whoever would listen. I’m a firm believer that by being silent, that helps wrongful convictions continue to be swept under the rug until necessary action is taken–that’s if that action is ever taken.

I’m human and at times I fall into mental slumps. I’ve been blessed to have an exoneree [Jeffrey Deskovic] as a best friend. Just recently, I was falling into a mental slump, I called Jeff and after speaking to him for a half hour, I was good. Innocent prisoners may have family, friends or supporters — but, no one can relate to our pain like someone who had/have our shoes on. I would like to thank the following exonerees who have been in touch with me: Jeffrey Deskovic, Derrick Hamilton, Eugene Gilyard, Obie Anthony, Jarrett Adams, Harold Wilson and William Lopes (RIP).

Once again, I want to thank ALL of my supporters. Please continue until we can make a difference. Feel free to use my articles. For those who can make a financial donation please do it’s needed. Everyone who writes me knows I personally respond. Feel free to contact me. For those outside of the country and would like to help raise awareness about my injustice, contact me.

“The Pain Within”
Free The Innocent,
Lorenzo ‘Cat’ Johnson