Free and Still Fighting

Lorenzo’s had a busy few weeks since his release on July 11. He has returned to his hometown of Yonkers, NY, rejoined his family, and started working at his old job again. He has also taken to the streets to fight for the wrongfully convicted!

On Wednesday, August 2, Lorenzo took part in a rally supporting wrongfully convicted prisoner Jon Velazquez.


With Jon Velazquez’s mother and supporters, including Jeff Deskovic (upper left) and New York City Councillor Andy King (bottom right).


Lorenzo with Jeffrey Deskovic, Anthony DiPippo and Kian Khattibi. Together, these men endured 70 years of imprisonment for wrongful convictions.

Click here for Lorenzo’s speech at the rally.

From Lorenzo’s visit to his legal team in Philly last month:


With Marissa Bluestine, Legal Director of the Pennsylvania Innocence Project 


With lawyers from the Philadelphia Capital Habeas Unit who represented Lorenzo in Federal Court.

Finally, Lorenzo has also kept up his Huffington Post blog. Here’s his first blog post written as a free man:

I Just Walked Free after 22 Years in Prison for a Crime I Didn’t Commit. I Still Want Justice.