Has the Justice System Turned Into a JUST-US System???

When a man/woman’s innocence is on the line, there shouldn’t be a competition to determine which attorney whether prosecutor or defense attorney is the better litigator. It should be about Justice, not continued unjust punishment.

If prosecutors continue to withhold favorable evidence that can show a person’s Innocence, give Deals to people on their pending criminal charges to give false testimony against an Innocent person, hide Exculpatory Evidence or DNA Evidence, Vouch for a witness when they KNOW their witness is not telling the truth, Maliciously continue to prosecute with Wreck less Abandonment for a Human Life. This is just a few examples of how the Justice System is FAILING the Innocent. It’s sad to say but in some situations Innocent prisoners SUFFER from.

Now on the flip side, Defense Attorney’s have also been CRUCIAL in Wrongful Convictions. Failing to Properly Prepare or Investigate Thoroughly, not willing to go that Extra Mile knowing his/her client is INNOCENT, failing to introduce Witness/Evidence that could clear their client, on appeal they FAIL to acknowledge they were Ineffective in prior stages by using INEXCUSABLE EXCUSES continuing an imprisonment of an Innocent individual. Once again, this is only a couple of many examples that Innocent prisoners SUFFER from.

Now society, the truth is, the above is all-ADMISSIBLE in the “JUST-US” System. Why, because if it wasn’t the people behind Wrongful Convictions should be held FULLY RESPONSIBLE and not have IMMUNITY such as Prosecutors when their liable. The day the police, Lawyers and Prosecutors are held CRIMINALLY ACCOUNTABLE for their wrongdoing, Wrongful Convictions will slow down. For instance, at the time of this writing, I’ve spent eighteen years (18 yrs.) in prison INNOCENT. Now if the Culprits responsible had to go to prison for eighteen years for their role, it would make ALL future people with corrupt thoughts think twice. … What’s really sad, exoneration of Innocent Prisoners is at an alarming rate, and unlike other States, Pennsylvania still does not have a “Free Standing Innocence” claim (wow).