Lorenzo’s Huffington Post Articles

2/11/15 – “I Was Found Innocent After 16 Years, Then Sent Back to Prison”

4/14/15 – “Conviction by Any Means Necessary: How Prosecutors Stole 19 Years of My Life”

5/11/15 – “From the Ring to the Courthouse: The Fight of My Life”

6/2/15 – “Innocent Bystanders: How Inept Attorneys Enable Wrongful Convictions”

6/24/15 – “Why Do Prosecutors Fight to Maintain Wrongful Convictions?”

7/15/15 – “When Prosecutors Deny Justice for the Innocent”

7/28/15 – “Hurry Up and Wait for Justice: The Struggles of Innocent Prisoners”

8/25/15 – “I Was Wrongfully Convicted And So Are Too Many Others”

9/16/15 – “How to Restore Faith in Our Broken Judicial System”

10/23/15 – “Ending Wrongful Convictions: No Room for Error”

11/5/15 – “Wrongful Convictions Then and Now: The Tragic Case of George Stinney, Jr.”

11/24/15 – “Meet the Prosecutor Fighting to Overturn Wrongful Convictions”

12/11/15 – “Overturned: After 25 Years, John Hincapie Is Freed”

12/28/15 – “When Officers of the Court Go Wrong”

1/18/16 – “Our Judicial System: Ignoring Injustice or Colluding in It?”

2/11/16 – “Sex, Lies, and Wrongful Conviction: Kathleen Kane’s Other Scandal”

3/31/16 – “Stolen Lives: Oppressed, Exploited, and Innocent in Prison”

4/21/16 – “Bill Clinton’s Other Terrible Crime Bill”

5/27/16 – “Is There a Cure for Wrongful Convictions?”

7/12/16 – “When Courts are Used as a Weapon Against the Innocent”