A Grateful Letter to My Supporters

Dear Supporters,

I would like to start by saying I hope all is well with everybody and their families. I also would like to thank everyone for their continued support in my desperate efforts of clearing my name in a crime I had nothing to do with.

As for how I’m doing, I’m still maintaining strength in my nightmare of a situation. After finally uncovering the mountain of New Evidence that supports my Innocence and Police and Prosecution Misconduct claims, I believed there would be a since of urgency to free an Innocent man, or get to the bottom of why was I failed by the Judicial System. This has not been the case. Instead of doing what’s right, the prosecution has been stalling and sidestepping Justice.

My case was fabricated by a lie the Lead Detective, Kevin Duffin, had a crack abuser, Carla Brown, testify to. This lie was known by the prosecuting Attorney General Christopher Abruzzo, who concealed it from my attorneys throughout his tenure on my case. Attorney General William Stoycos, who eventually inherited my case, turned a knowing cheek to my Injustice and protected Det. Duffin and Attorney General Abruzzo’s secret that I was Innocent. For over a decade, Attorney General Stoycos has supported and continues to argue testimony that he knows to be false to keep me in prison. All this time, the truth was in the Attorney General’s files hidden from my attorneys.

False testimony was allowed to stand by the prosecution from my Preliminary Hearing, Trial, State Court Appeals, Federal Court Appeals and finally to the highest court in our country, the U.S. Supreme Court. Not once did the prosecutors stop the Judges and inform them that the testimony that convicted me of murder was false. Instead, the
prosecutors continued to disgrace what they are supposed to seek and uphold: Justice.

After 19 years, the Attorney General office turned over parts of missing documents from my case Discovery that were NEVER turned over to ANY of my prior attorneys. Not only did we finally get a statement from the case only witness, but also this statement contradicted everything that was said at my Preliminary Hearing and at Trial. We also found out that the prosecution’s Motive Witness was the God-Sister of the Lead Detective, Kevin Duffin. This was just the surface of the documents that were turned over in exchange for uncontested continuances by Attorney General Stoycos.

My appeal has been pending in front of my trial judge since 2013. We have over 25 affidavits from witnesses—that’s including a former detective who worked my case’s actual investigation and 2 former attorneys of mine—that support my Innocent Claims. You would think that prosecutor Stoycos would drop this Malicious prosecution, or grant me a New Trial. Not at all. He took refuge behind the Time Bar Rule, stating that my appeal was not filed on time and that it was my fault for not finding this evidence that was hidden in their files sooner. I guess being innocent does not stand for anything in his eyes…

At this present moment, I’m waiting for my trial judge to schedule dates for my upcoming Evidentiary Hearings concerning my claims. (He has been sick, so I’m not sure when those hearings will be or whether he will still be the presiding judge.) I will continue to keep everyone posted on any new developments. Until then, I encourage ALL to keep speaking, writing and spreading the word about my injustice. My family, and I highly appreciate it. For those who can assist financially to help me maintain ties and see my family, thanks so much. You can make contributions directly on my website. Once again, my family and I, thank everyone who has been supporting my Innocence. As William Ernest Henley stated in his poem, “Invictus”: “In the fell clutch of circumstances, I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance, My head is bloody, but unbowed.”