After Two Years: The War for Freedom

There comes a time where the demands for justice may require that you stand alone in the face of conflict, injustice, public opinion or crisis. Then, that very willingness to stand for what you believe in, no, no matter what, is what often inspires people to follow. Purpose, Conviction, Vision, Passion, Inspiration, Influence and Leadership are the ingredients of my character that are my weapons to combat my Injustice. I don’t only represent my own Innocence; I stand firm for EVERY Innocent Prisoner.

I’ve been labeled crazy for volunteering to turn myself back to prison after being freed on a Life Sentence, to once again fight to prove my Innocence after it took sixteen and a half (16½) years the first time. You know what, I am crazy, crazy for PEACE, FREEDOM and JUSTICE. Strapped with a new and improved support system, it’s finally working. How long are we going to keep making EXCUSES on why we can’t unite to finally combat this Hyper Incarceration of the Innocent???

There’s a TON of THEORIES concerning solutions, but only a POUND of ACTIONS taking place… It took me two (2) years to finally be back in position to walk out of this Machine of Injustice that’s called a justice system for a fair trial.

In life you must pursue your goals you have in place. The bar for justice is already WARPED for the Innocent, so there will be no SHORT CUTS. You have to go hard like your life is depending on it, in a lot of cases our lives hang in the balance. Everything in life starts with self. It’s now time to let society and abroad know what’s taking place at these modern day LYNCHINGS we call courtrooms. You notice they are VERY selective on what trials they let society view on TV? The phrase “Innocent until proven guilty” is the furthest from the truth.

Finally, after nineteen years my Legal Team has unearthed ALL the necessary evidence to show my Innocence. This evidence consists of Police Misconduct in the form of Witness Tampering, Withholding Documents of my Innocence, Threatening witnesses not to come forth and show my Innocence. The Lead Detective was the God Brother of the Motive Witness, which was NEVER known. Prosecution Misconduct for failing to Disclose favorable evidence that could have cleared me if turned over at Pre-trial stages.

I’m one of many who have suffered from being Innocent. I advise everyone to speak out and expose his Injustice.  At the end of the day, most of us have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. It’s been nineteen (19) years for me, how much longer?