Innocent, But Rapidly Falling Victim to the “Machine of Death”

Innocent until proven guilty barely holds any weight when it comes down to African and Latin Americans along with poor whites. It’s not a mystery that an innocent prisoner spends an average of twelve and a half years (12 1/2) in prison. That’s if justice is served. There’s no accurate number of Innocent men/women who are wrongfully in prison or unfortunately died in prison. In 2008 one hundred and twenty nine (129) Death Row prisoners were exonerated and freed, seventeen (17) of them using DNA evidence. Prosecutors continue to fight reviewing DNA evidence to determine whether Innocent Prisoners had been put to death. In 2011 the Supreme Court backed prosecutors who hid exonerating eyewitness and blood evidence from an Innocent man they sent to Death Row for fourteen years (see, Connick v. Thompson, 131 U.S. 1350).

This is a quote from Connie Rice’s book (Power Concedes Nothing): “I had been baptized in the bowels of Injustice. No course or prestigious stint on Law Review could match that experience.  Death Row had ripped off Law School’s socratic mask and shown me the sordid underbelly of our warped bar of justice. Law School’s pristine parsing of constitutional principles, lofty notions of liberty, and abstractions on the sanctity of Due Process had nothing to do with the mess I’d seen on the Death Circuit. And not one professor could answer the muffled question screaming in the back of the mind: If we determined the most important decision of any legal system, then how much integrity could our legal system really have? Law School had NO answer to the question.”

Connie’s words are Powerful. Being an Innocent Prisoner, I’m in the confines of the Machine of Death that has been torturing/killing the Innocent for a long time. We live in the times of social media, social media is Injustice’s WORST nightmare. Why? It does it take the average of twelve and a half years for an Innocent prisoner to break his story if he is in possession of the Truth. Social media can break a Wrongful Conviction over-night to society worldwide.  Now it’s up to society to pay attention and start holding the Government Officials you vote into office ACCOUNTABLE for Freedom, Justice and Equality for the Unfortunate. What’s the difference between slavery and Mass Incarceration? Injustice must come to an end but that’s not possible until we bring an end to the Machine of Death.