Words from Lorenzo to Supporters

Dear Supporters,

As always, I hope that everyone and your families is in a good place mentally & physically. Thanks for your continued solid support, you wouldn’t believe how much it gets me from day to day. There’s a lot that innocent prisoners go through that’s never mentioned. The 24hrs a day everyday pain, I wouldn’t wish this on the people responsible for me being here.

As of this writing, I am now Certified in Warehousing and Material Handling. I’ve started part 2 of the Trade which is learning how to operate different kinds of forklifts. I will continue to further my education to utilize upon my arrival. On November 5th, it will be the 20th birthday that I’ve spent in this cage for a crime I never committed. I thought I escaped this nightmare when I was briefly freed in 2012, but the people responsible was not finished torturing me, knowing I was innocent, while I was free they fought to get my wrongful conviction reinstated by the U.S. Supreme Court, and won.

Now that my innocence have been officially unsealed from their (prosecutors) files, after being concealed/hidden for 18 years from me and my legal team. I now await a court date. I recently spoke to a friend concerning why prosecutors are not jumping at the opportunities to free innocent prisoners. We both agreed that, other than Brooklyn, New York District Attorney Kenneth Thompson, we NEVER witnessed a prosecutor who had the compassion for the innocent to be set free that Prosecutor Thompson has. Prosecutor Thompson participated in the freeing of multiple innocent prisoners. More prosecutors need to follow suit to show that their truly out for justice and not just numbers of convictions.

As an innocent prisoner, when one of us is released or exonerated, it’s like a win for all of us. We all live through that win in hopes the next one will be one of us. Some of us that speak out about our innocence and injustice get an unseen backlash from the corrupt officials who are responsible for our nightmare. This is taking place in my case — sick isn’t it?

For Lorenzo Johnson, I speak out not just for myself, but for ALL of the innocent, our families and supporters. What type of people would want to silence our pain and constant suffering for crimes we never committed!!! Let them sit handcuffed in these dungeons, they would talk to ANYBODY that would listen. Our voices need to be heard. Society has the right to know what’s taking place in our Judicial System. Innocent Prisoners should not have to be subject to crooked cops, corrupt prosecutors and judges that do not want to do the right thing. An oath is taken by officers of our Judicial System to uphold the Law. So if the law is not being upheld, it’s being broken.

Once again, I highly appreciate everyone’s support. I pray that I will be back with my family as a free man very soon. Besides my nightmare of a situation, I’m okay. Please keep your support and encouraging words coming. Rubin “Hurricane” Carter made a statement while he was wrongfully imprisoned…Mr. Carter stated: “Hate placed me here (prison) but, Love is going to bust me out”. This love he spoke of “comes in many different forms. Whether it’s legal representation, support from people who’s willing to champion your innocence and more.

For those who send me greeting cards, from now on if the cards do not come in a “White Envelope”, they will be returned to you. This is a New Policy in Pennsylvania State Prison System. For the supporters who can donate funds to my hardship, please do so. It’s needed for me to maintain ties with my family via visits from New York, phone calls, writing and typing supplies, postage, cosmetics, underclothes, food, sweatsuits, boots, and etc.

“The Pain Within”
Free The Innocent,
Lorenzo ‘Cat’ Johnson