Throughout the past few years of Lorenzo’s entanglement with the judicial system, there have been a variety of legal documents that illustrate this process and his fight for freedom.

After Lorenzo’s reincarceration in 2012, his team began investigating the police and prosecutorial misconduct that led to his wrongful conviction, uncovering mountainous evidence of his innocence. In August 2013, Lorenzo filed a Post-Conviction Relief Act (PCRA) petition introducing new evidence and affidavits. Over the next year, Lorenzo’s legal team followed the PCRA up with three supplemental filings containing even more evidence of innocence. You can read all of Lorenzo’s PCRA filings here:

On Christmas Eve, 2014, after months of delays and continuances, the PA Attorney General’s office finally responded to Lorenzo’s innocence claims. The AG dismissed them all, chastising Lorenzo for unleashing “the hounds of defamatory hell” by calling out prosecutorial misconduct.

You can read Lorenzo’s reply to the AG here: