Accountability Time is Now

Dear Society,
First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone for their support and their signing of my Freedom Petition. I encourage everyone to continue to support me in the fight of my life, literally for my life.

I hope all is well with you and your families. There’s a big event taking place on December 18, 2013. My support system is returning to the scene of the crime, Dauphin County Courthouse/Attorney General’s Office in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I encourage anyone who can make it to show up and help Justice be served once and for all. My family Marched/Rallied along with Kareem Eley’s family at this same location in 2004. Kareem Eley became a free man this year and now is reunited with his family after spending over a decade Wrongfully Imprisoned on a life sentence.

Although we live in the day of information/social media, a lot of information on Wrongful Convictions is highly suppressed.  One of my comrades (Innocent Prisoner) Ryen Fergussen’s Life Sentence was finally Vacated and he was Ordered to be released after a decade of Wrongful Imprisonment. For a week straight CNN News covered his Injustice and repeatedly viewed his Interview. Now on the other hand, my comrade and good friend Eugene Gillyard’s Wrongful Life Sentence have been Vacated after fifteen (15) years and he’s back with his family in Philadelphia.

No publicity on his Injustice but a brief article in the Local Newspaper. I spoke to Eugene the day he was leaving and when one of us wins, it’s like we all won because we share the victory being Innocent. I personally know Eugene and he’s a great man and will have an impact on society.

Now the million dollar question is, how long I, Lorenzo Johnson and my family have to be tortured mentally/emotionally and be held captive for a crime I’m Innocent of??? It took sixteen and a half (16 1/2) for Justice to be served the first time, only to be shortly lived for five (5) months and be sent back to serve a Wrongful Life Sentence by the United States  supreme Court.

Well now I’m at eighteen (18) years in prison for a crime I’m Innocent of. I wish this on nobody, even the people responsible for me being here, including the people who are still fighting to keep me here.

For my supporters, I love each and every one of you in this country and all of my supporters out of the country.