My February Update

Dear Supporters and Friends,

I hope that this New Year will be better, and have started better than your last year. For those who are on frontline with me against injustice–I salute you from the other side. I can’t thank everyone enough for your continued support. Your letters, emails and cards continue to give me the energy & strength, I need to proceed in my pursuit of total vindication. For those who have not been to my website in a while, please visit, it has been remodeled and have been under New Management.

My Vocational Trade (Warehousing, Material Handling and Powered Industrial Truck Operator) have been officially completed as of 1/25/16. (Check out my diplomas!) I am now licensed in all aspects of this Trade. I would like to thank the Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice for paying the fee for me to make it possible. I will add this education to my resume and utilize it towards whatever job I get when I come home. Yes, you heard me correctly–when I come home.

It’s been a long journey (20yrs), a journey that is not over with. My Legal Team! I truly believe they was sent from above. There’s a lot of ups and downs that people don’t see. I have a very close relationship with my Lead attorney Mr. Wiseman. He not only believed in my innocence, he believed in me as a man–as a human being.

Yes, this nightmare is still taking a toll on me and, my family, a pain I NEVER want another innocent prisoner or their family to endure. It’s been very rough, and that’s an understatement. I do not have the luxury to sit back and mourn my injustice. I need that energy to keep fighting to get my innocence out there, through the court and society as a whole. That’s how I channel my pain.

This month I will finally get my court dates to began to put an end to this nightmare once and for all… I would like to thank my wife for the position she’s playing well as my spokesperson. On top of all that, she has to put up with me (Smile). I always say thank you to everyone because, it’s too many people to name individually but! I must thank the people behind the scenes at TeamFreeLorenzo Johnson. Thomas and Brooke, I thank you for bridging the gap between me and Society.

I encourage everyone to continue to be vocal about my innocence. Please share and post the articles I write, feel free to write your own. For those who have your own Social Network, please place me on it. I’m in the midst of working out a joint venture in my hometown of Yonkers, N.Y. It’s about sponsoring an Inner City youth basketball team (TeamFatCat).

Financial help is URGENTLY needed. Please contribute to TeamFreeLorenzo Johnson today and earmark your contribution, “Tazza”. Everything counts and will be highly appreciated. Once again, I thank everyone that have been on front line in support of my innocence. I look forward to hearing from those who take time out of your busy schedules to write and email me. Everyone take care.

“The Pain Within”

Free The Innocent,
Lorenzo ‘Cat’ Johnson