New Huffington Post Article Up Now

Lorenzo has written another insightful and moving article for The Huffington Post entitled “When Prosecutors Deny Justice for the Innocent.” He explains his story and the fate of others who, like him, are innocent yet incarcerated. Most importantly, he asks US to take action against this injustice.

“As innocent prisoners, we are calling on the rest of society to be just as outraged as we are that this type of misconduct is so common in our judicial system.”

Read the entire article by Lorenzo here and take a look at all of the articles he has written for The Huffington Post as well.

Lorenzo ends his article by saying that he will not sit in prison quietly while wrongfully serving a life sentence. We, too, must not sit in silence, but instead must speak out! Please take a moment to sign the Petition to Free Lorenzo Johnson and share his story with your family and friends.