Your Comments

Every day, Team Lorenzo Johnson receives emails and comments from those who sign the petition to free Lorenzo. And every month, we send this information to Lorenzo so he can read the comments and then reply, writing personal letters to each supporter.

Today, we are sharing some of these comments with you:

“Things like this will not end until we the people take the power back, instead of leaving it in the hands of corrupt politicians, lawyers, and law enforcement… I know one man’s signature may not be much, but maybe it’s just enough.”

“Our justice and law enforcement systems need to be overhauled if innocent people can be convicted so easily.”

“I believe this is an injustice that needs to be corrected. Please help restore my faith in the justice system by righting this wrong and set this man free! Right now there is no deterrence for this unjust behavior and it affects countless lives.”

“An innocent man should be exonerated as soon as possible, yet he is back in prison awaiting evidentiary hearings while lawyers violate protocol, and use up precious time. Enough is enough… he must be set free, permanently, this time, and soon.”

These comments and many others illustrate the compassion of Lorenzo’s supporters and the fierce determination to make a difference. Each and every action you take — whether its signing the petition, making a contribution, or sharing Lorenzo’s story on Twitter — gets us closer to our goal of Lorenzo’s freedom and changing the criminal justice system.

Thank you all for sharing your comments with us and with Lorenzo, and if you haven’t yet, take the time to voice your thoughts.