Meet the Prosecutor Fighting to Overturn Wrongful Convictions

His name is Kenneth Thompson, and you can read about him in Lorenzo’s latest article for The Huffington Post.

Lorenzo writes: “Like many other innocent prisoners, I’ve dreamed of the day when an open-minded prosecutor would review my innocence claims, without bias or unfairness. Innocent prisoners have all types of innocence claims: new evidence, DNA evidence, witness recantation, prosecutorial misconduct, and ineffective counsel claims. The problem is that most of our prosecutors fight us tooth and nail. Rather than trying to see if our claims have merit, they simply want to maintain our wrongful convictions…

I would like to commend Prosecutor Thompson for his work and his stance to get other prosecutors to do what’s right for innocent prisoners. Innocent prisoners as a whole would like to commend all the prosecutors who seek justice and not wrongful convictions.”

Read the entire article here.