Overturned: After 25 Years, John Hincapie Is Freed

In his latest article for the Huffington Post, Lorenzo recounts the story of John Hincapie, who – like Lorenzo – was wrongfully incarcerated.

As Lorenzo writes in his article: “John Hincapie was released from prison on Tuesday, October 6, 2015, at around 6:40 in the evening. He said: ‘Shame on those individuals who did this to me. But, I forgive them.'”

Below is a photograph of John Hincapie’s family at a rally calling for his freedom before his recent release. This is a testament to the fact that people on the outside can make a real difference for innocent prisoners.

Hincapie rally

And that means people like you. Lorenzo appreciates any and all support that he receives – be it kind words or financial contributions.

Read Lorenzo’s entire article on John Hincapie here on this website.