August Update from Lorenzo

I hope everyone and your families are well physically as well as mentally.

Before I go on, I would like to ask everyone to pardon my delay on this long overdue update on my status. My wife (Tazza) was hospitalized and had to have an emergency surgery. So I had to place a lot of things on hold until her health got better. She is now 90% back to her normal self and mobile once again. Being she is the go-between person for a lot of what I do, I had to make sure she was okay before I took care of everything else. She is now on her way to a full recovery.

Now as for myself, all of the hard work to vindicate myself of a crime that has stolen 20 years of my life–is finally starting to pay off. My court dates will begin in early fall. When I get the exact dates, I will share them. I thank everyone for your continued support, and for those who share my story through your networks–Please continue.

I am still fighting hard to prove my innocence once and for all, at the same time educate society on wrongful convictions. The time have come for my Legal Team to do the fighting in the courtroom. I don’t only trust them representing me, I trust them with my Life– That is what’s literally at stake. They have done a wonderful job bringing my innocence to the forefront. Now it will be argued infront of a judge. I like my chances and I’m extremely confident the end is not only near but upon us.

For everyone voting for the next president. I pray that you will take in consideration who will help make a change, your personal views, and not just your loyalty to the party you belong to. This also goes for voting for public officials in our communities who enforce the law and constitution regarding Race Equality in our Criminal Justice System. The time for change is NOW.

Please feel free to share and publish my articles in your social networks. I had to send my tablet out for repair (You know they sell us defected appliances), I just received it back after a month. So everyone who have opened accounts through to send me emails directly, I will answer more quickly now that I can use my tablet instead of the prison Kiosk Machines.

For those who would like to contribute funds (it’s needed), you can send it through the website, code: (Lorenzo Johnson #DF1036, PA DOC), or Lorenzo Johnson, P.O. BOX 1008, Yonkers, NY 10702. Thanks in advance for everyone’s continued support. Please stay involved.The end is NEAR.

“The Pain Within”

Free The Innocent, Lorenzo ‘Cat’ Johnson