September Update from Lorenzo

Dear Supporters,

Let me start by saying I can’t thank everyone enough, in the states and out of the country for your continued support of me and my innocence. I’m in good health mentally as well as physically. My wife has made a full recovery from her surgery. She’s back on the frontline assisting me in our pursuit of Justice.

I’m patiently awaiting the exact date that my Evidentiary Hearing is taking place. It was scheduled to take place for early fall with the judge making his decision this year. After 20 years of being innocent in prison, I’m finally getting the opportunity to present my Innocence, Police/Prosecution Misconduct and Ineffective Assistance Counsel claims.

It’s been a long time and I wish this pain on no one. There has been two huge wins for the innocent here in Pennsylvania. Innocent Death Row Prisoner James Dennis and Lifer Anthony Wright. What led to Mr. Dennis New Trial and Mr. Wright Acquittal, Grave Prosecution Misconduct and DNA. They each have spent 25 years in prison, while their prosecutors knew they were innocent all along…..

It’s sad that this is a common occurrence in our criminal justice system. That’s why it’s imperative we continue we continue to stand by the Innocent and continue to raise awareness. Without the support of attorneys, family, friends and supporters our cases will continue to be swept under the rug.

I’m one of MANY innocent prisoners. When one of us gets a win, it’s a moral win for all of us. It gives us hope that if we keep fighting–we can be next. I recently told a supporter, “My body is just here (prison) trying to catch up with my soul that dwells outside of these walls. I will NEVER get comfortable or used to this place because I’m innocent.”

I would like to thank everyone for your support, even those who are supporting other innocent prisoners–it’s the same fight. For those who can make a contribution please do so, it’s needed for TeamFreeLorenzoJohnson to stay afloat.

For those who would like to email directly on my tablet I own here (prison), you must go to If you have a problem, go to for step-by-step instructions. I look forward to hearing from you.

I will close with a quote from the Newest member of TeamFreeLorenzoJohnson, Erica from Iowa: “Nothing can break the bond of love… Not even prison bars and barbed wire.”

“The Pain Within”

Free The Innocent,

Lorenzo “Cat” Johnson

Lorenzo and Tazza during a visit this summer.
In a New York state of mind.
Erica from Iowa is rocking the Free Lorenzo Johnson t-shirt!