The Latest Article from Lorenzo

“When people hear about wrongfully convicted prisoners, they often ask why these individuals end up spending so much time in prison before they are exonerated. For the wrongfully convicted, the judicial system has failed twice – once in winning the wrongful conviction, but also in intentionally delaying exoneration for as long as possible.”

So begins Lorenzo’s latest article for The Huffington Post, “Hurry Up and Wait for Justice: The Struggles of Innocent Prisoners.”

The judicial system has failed him and many others. Lorenzo references the injustice dealt to Jeffrey Deskovic, founder of the Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice and strong supporter of the Campaign to Free Lorenzo Johnson, who was incarcerated for 16 years before a DNA test exonerated him.

In this new article, Lorenzo touches on the stories of others who were wrongfully incarcerated, stating that “[he] could go on for days with examples of how justice is constantly being delayed for innocent prisoners.”

Read these stories and the entire article here, and take a stand to fight for justice!