A Source of Inspiration

In Lorenzo’s latest letter to supporters, he tells a story about an intern for the PA Innocence Project who had worked on his case. Lorenzo recounts this as an “inspirational experience” – he says he was inspired by the intern, who is now seeking a career in public defense to prevent other men and women from being wrongfully convicted.

While Lorenzo sees this intern as an inspiration, Lorenzo is an inspiration to us all.

In the same letter from August 16th, he discusses how he is working to advance himself while serving a sentence that he does not deserve.

“I was able to stay in the Warehouse Material Handling class I was in when I just recently returned back from court. I just received another opportunity to further my education to put to use when I come home. I am now certified in OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and NCCER (National Center for Construction Educational Resources) through their 10 hour safety course. Please know that I am not just sitting here – where I do not belong – collecting dust.”

During his time in prison, Lorenzo has continued to pursue educational and occupational opportunities. He also writes for The Huffington Post and published his latest article, “I Was Wrongfully Convicted and So Are Too Many Others,” on August 25th. Lorenzo remains confident that justice will prevail and that he will soon get to use his certifications while enjoying the freedom he deserves. As he puts it,

“I feel my time is near for me to get totally vindicated.”

Lorenzo’s hope and his relentless fight are a source of inspiration. Let us use this inspiration to feed our desire for justice and take action. Free the Innocent!

To read more of this letter and to read all of Lorenzo’s statements, visit this page.

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