A Message from Tazza

Through The Eye’s Of An Innocent Prisoner’s Wife

By Tazza Salvatto, the wife of Lorenzo ‘Cat’ Johnson

The suffering of our family is unbearable. With overwhelming evidence supporting Lorenzo’s Innocence and Police and Prosecution Misconduct Claims you would think that he would have been out of prison. Instead his case is being treated as if we were in a Third World Country.

The Judicial System have shown me that justice is not for everybody. As for our family, at times I feel like all my Dreams, Hopes and wants are Diminishing. We will NEVER give in or give up until Lorenzo is FREE. There’s MANY Tazzas. There’s a lot to go with being the wife of an innocent prisoner. It feels like an endless amount of torture.

$12.43 Mere Presence:

A person is not guilty of a crime if he was merely present at the time of its commission by someone else.

You cannot find a person guilty of a crime because he associated with the actual perpetrator and was present while this person committed the crime, even if he was aware that the other person was going to commit the crime in question.

You can only convict the defendant, if it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he was present, knew that the crime were going to be committed, and was an active participant in the criminal activity.

You cannot assume that the defendant was an active participant in the crime(s) in question merely because you find that he was present and knew of the criminal activity. You may find that he was an active participant only if evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he not only knew of the criminal activity but that he intended to, and did in fact, participate in it.

This is the Law in Pennsylvania. Minus all the evidence of Lorenzo’s innocence, police and prosecution misconduct, in Pennsylvania Law what crime did Lorenzo commit??? Not only is he innocent, NO WITNESS stated that Lorenzo done anything! Our family have been torn apart not once but twice. Yet still there’s no urgency in my husband’s appeal process, totally disregarding a human life.

Free my husband Lorenzo Johnson.

Tazza, Lorenzo, and Lorenzo's longtime friend, Brian O'Shea

Tazza, Lorenzo, and Lorenzo’s longtime friend, Brian O’Shea