New Way to Communicate with Lorenzo

Announcing — a new way to communicate with Lorenzo!

PA DOC has recently started contracting with a new company for an email service for prisoners. If you set up an account through the ConnectNetwork system, you can send emails to Lorenzo that he can read on his new tablet — and he can email you back! The cost is about 25 cents per page of text.

How to get set up: Instructions on how to set up this system and add Lorenzo as a contact can be found here. Please note that when you select the “institution,” you should choose “PA DOC” rather than look for Mahanoy Prison specifically. If you run into problems setting up the system, let us know and we’ll see if we can help. Also, bear in mind that these emails, like all correspondence, are monitored by prison authorities, so it can take several days for a message to get through to him, or back to you.

For other ways to contact Lorenzo, check out this page on our site.